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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Awning Trouble

We hear over and over again from RVers that it's just a matter of time until you have an awning problem while you are driving. Lo and behold, we are driving down the interstate at 60mph with a 40mph side wind when we hear something banging on the roof of the RV. Hubby and I look at each other, then at the roof trying to determine the noise. Then Son starts yelling "The awning is out!" Sure enough, the wind had gotten underneath one side of our awning and pulled it out.
We pulled over on the highway, and fighting the wind, Hubby was able to get it rolled up and back in place.
A little further down the road, sure enough, out comes the awning again. Hubby found an abandoned gas station to pull into, and angled the motorhome just right to block the wind. He and Son were able to roll it up again, and this time zip-tied it in place. (While I did the oh-so-important job of taking pictures!)
However, the arms are now completely bent out of shape and we are not able to use our awning. Looks like we can now add a new awning to the RV Makeover!


  1. Been there, done that. And I was thinking Renee is doing the most important job...tracking what is going on for a future blog post. Really am glad the guys got it working. We have had to replace the arms of our awning a couple of times. Replacing arms is much easier than replacing the whole awning...just sayin' as we have had to do that too :)

    1. LOL, Ali! The fabric was starting to rip anyway, so we're replacing the whole thing.

  2. Ah, the adventures I have to look forward to! I just finally got my deadbolt working.


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